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I'm Randy Gordon-Gilmore, and ProtoTrains is a very part-time business to make kits of the 1930's streamliner passenger trains in N scale. The "Proto" in ProtoTrains denotes two things-- the prototype, or pioneering, nature of the trains, and my desire to be as prototypically accurate as possible ("fanatical" is a term that has been used ) in modeling the trains. The main focus of ProtoTrains will be the Burlington Route's shovelnose Zephyr trains.

January 2011 - ProtoTrains is up and running. Buy a poster!


Renascence poster

Renascence poster The Renascence poster, a longtime dream of mine to print, is produced and for sale! This poster is a full-size reproduction of the Burlington Route's 1935 calendar top painting of the Pioneer Zephyr.

Pioneer Zephyr

9900 model on table ProtoTrains started with my collaboration with Dick Billings of Fine N-Scale Products to develop the very popular and successful Pioneer Zephyr kit, which we introduced at the 1996 Long Beach convention. With the release and popularity of the Con-Cor ready-to-run PZ, FNS has discontinued the PZ kit.

Flying Yankee

Flying Yankee parts A long-term (and extremely delayed) project I'm working on is a similar kit of the Boston & Maine/ Maine Central Flying Yankee, a very similar train to the PZ which ran in New England from the mid-1930's to the 1950's. I'm really going to try to have the model ready by the time the prototype is back in operation!

Silver Charger

UPDATED 23 Jan 2013 Silver Charger The General Pershing Zephyr, was a four-car non-articulated train pulled by the last Burlington shovelnose, #9908 Silver Charger, which still exists in the National Museum of Transport in St. Louis.

Kato ran the prewar corrugated Budd cars a few years ago, of which the coach and obs are based on the GPZ design. As of 2012 they are running the cars again as part of their E5 sets.

I have started 3D modeling 9908's body shell, to be "printed" in Frosted Ultra Detail material by Shapeways, to be mounted on a modified E-unit chassis.


EA, EB units

NEW 9 Jan 2013 Silver King OK, I couldn't help myself and started on the model for the A units Pegasus, Zephyrus (for the second Twin Zephyrs), Silver King and Silver Knight (for the first Denver Zephyrs). The B units Silver Queen and Silver Princess will be simple modifications. These models are in a very early stage also.

They will possibly have a custom split-frame chassis on which to mount Life-Like FA mechanicals.



NEW 17 Jan 2013 I have rebooted the Aeolus project, starting with modeling the loco shell in 3D.

The shell (and upcoming tender shell) will likely need to be customized for a particular 4-6-4 mechanism.


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