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The US Patent and Trademark Office has completed scanning all US patents (over 70 million pages, nearly 4 terabytes!) and they are available online at the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office website. Unfortunately, patents earlier than December 1975 are only searchable by patent number and classification, and not title, inventor, asssignee, etc.

I have been able to find some of the patents issued for the Pioneer Zephyr and other shovelnoses. Thank you to Philip Hom for alerting me to the patents marked with an "*". These were all assigned to the Budd Company (it is best to right-click and "save to file" for each patent):

The following patent was assigned to the Pacific Railway Equipment Company (it isn't a Zephyr patent, but I'm including it here since it is vaguely related):

As I find more patents, I'll add them to this page.


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